Why Goat Farming

Why Goat Farming




Indian economy is growing at a great speed and the demand for food is increasing exponentially. Goat meat that used to be a luxury for most of the population is becoming affordable to a larger number of people due to economic growth. This has caused an increased in demand for mutton in India and not enough supply to meet the demand. This demand cannot be met by traditional method of small scale backyard goat rearing in villages.

As the demand far exceeds supply, goat meat prices have been increasing steadily. This increased price has created a need and opportunity for a large scale organized and scientific method of goat rearing in controlled conditions (Stall-Fed method). Improvement in the quality of the breeds is a critical factor for commercial success.

All the above factors have created a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs to take a lead and be pioneers in goat breeding business. There is huge potential for commercial success for those that follow advanced farming methods.

In short,The advantages of Goat Farming Business compared to other Agri related Business were,

1.Confirmed ever increasing Market price.This is the only agri business in which the producers fix the price for their products.

2.Very low electicity dependency.

3.Low labour requirement.

4. High job satisfaction.

The breed options available in India are Boer, Thalacherry, Jamnapari (Jamunapari), Kanni, Kodi, Salem Black, Sirohi, Badmasari, Beetal, Karowli (Karoli), Sojat, Ajmeri, Osmanabadi (Usmanabadi), Jakhrana, Kohilawadi, Barbari, Bengal Black, Surti and many more.