Stall-Fed Method

If anyone plans to do a Goat farm project in a controlled and professional manner, Stall-fed method is the most practical and best method to follow.

In this method

  • Goats are not allowed to graze in the outside. They are kept in a Shed (Ground level or Elevated Slotted level) separately depending upon the sex,Breed,Age,and Weight.
  • Bucks (male goats) and Does (female goats) are kept in Separate rooms and allowed to mate at desired time with desired Bucks.
  • Quantity and Quality of Feed can be differentiated according to the Stage and Nutritional Requirement of different age groups of goats.
  • Wastage of energy during grazing is avoided.
  • Disease transmission is prevented from outside animals and outside plants.

Basic requirements to start a Stall fed goat farm:

  1. One acre agricultural land for every 20 to 40 goats for cultivating fodder
  2. Water, Electricity and Labour availability to cultivate fodder through out the year
  3. Investment capacity ranging from Rs.6 to 12 lakhs for 50 goat project
  4. A progressive mindset to adapt to latest scientific methods and technology
  5. Passion towards the business