Plastic Slatted Flooring

Specifications of Plastic slatted flooring

Customized for goats based on our experience
Size : 2 feet X 1 feet
Inter locking : Both sides
Gap Between slats : 16 mm

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Ready stock available.
The advantage of Plastic Slatted floor over Conventional wooden Slated floor, were
1. Long life, up to or more than 10 years.
2. Can be installed easily by inter-locking method within few days.
3. Low maintenance, easily washable.
4. Better hygiene, avoids fungal skin problems in Goats in Rainy season unlike wooden floors.
5.Provides even spacing slats (16 mm) to felicitate easy droppings of dung (In wooden floors after few months the reapers will shrink and bend which allows the “leg stuck” problems in goats and particularly in kids causing fracture of legs)
6. Although a bit expensive than wooden floors, extends to 3 times long life without repair work.
7. Can be used in open areas also as it is Heat resistant, and water proof virgin plastic material.
8. Anti-skid surface prevents from skidding of goats even in wet surface.
9. Available in attractive colors which gives high-tech and Hygienic look to the farm.