Housing for goats

Turn key projects : We do turnkey projects (Complete construction and installation of whole housing including Roofing, Flooring and Partition work on selective projects) we do this only for Advanced method only.

We manufacture and supply : 

1. Plastic slatted flooring

2. FRP Support channels

3. Plastic (PP) feed trays

Goats can be kept in various types of housing dependent upon various factors. We have provided details on the methods we have observed. 

The below mentioned methods are given only for information purpose and we do not implement all the types of works mentioned below. But for our clients we provide complete sketches, design  and ideas to construct housing with any fabricators in your proximity.

1. Advanced method



Done with out compromise in Quality,Durability and Functionality

Roofing : Using Galvanized Corrugated Roofing sheets,Over MS Truss structure

Partitions: Using Ms iron Rods and Angle Structures with Epoxy Coating

Flooring : Slatted Plastic Flooring Installed over FRP support Structures( Non corrosive) / MS support structures

Feed trays : Custom Made Plastic Feed trays with PP sheets

Approximate construction cost per Square feet = Rs 400 to 450

Advantages of this method with plastic slatted flooring: 

1. Long life, up to or more than 10 to 15 years.

2.Floors and Partitions Can be installed easily by inter-locking method within few days.

3. Low maintenance, easily washable.

4. Better hygiene, avoids fungal skin problems in Goats in Rainy season unlike wooden floors.

5.Provides even spacing slats (16 mm) to felicitate easy droppings of dung (In wooden floors after few months the reapers will shrink and bend which allows the “leg stuck” problems in goats and particularly in kids causing fracture of legs)

6.Extends  4 to 5 times long life compared with wood without repair work with recycling option even after 15 years usage (as it is manufactured with virgin plastic raw materials)

7. Heat resistant, and water proof virgin plastic material prevents damage from Sunlight exposure and Wetness

8. Anti-skid surface prevents from skidding of goats even in wet surface.

9. Available in attractive colors which gives high-tech and Hygienic look to the farm.

10.Galvanized corrugated Roofing Sheets Reduces Heat inside the Housing up to 60% over Asbestos sheet

11.MS Iron Partitions prevents Neck struck problems and Breaking of fencing within the Housing Partitions

12.Cleaning the Dung and waste can be done once in 3 months only and does not need Daily cleaning.

Difficulties:None, except a bit expensive over other methods.


2. Economic method


Done with compromise in Quality,Durability and Safety.Functionally can fulfill the requirement. 

Roofing : Using Asbestos Roofing sheets,Over MS Truss structure

Partitions: Using Chain link Mesh,supported by Ms Angles,and posts.

Flooring : Wooden reapers with wooden supports and cement posts.

Feed trays : Custom Made Feed trays with GI sheets and Ms structures.

Approximate construction cost per Square feet = Rs 300.00


1.Costs lesser than Advanced method and thus reduces the initial investment cost.

2.Flooring Can be done with locally available wood such as Eucalyptus,etc.


1.Wooden floors can wear out and Damaged after 1 or 2 years time,causing uneven gaps between Reapers which can cause Leg stuck problem in Goats which leads to Fracture of legs.

2.Needs Routine maintenance  and replacement of damaged wooden reapers periodically.

3.Chain link partitions can be damaged by goats and can last only to 1 to 2 years and needs replacement.

4.Asbestos sheets can allow more heat in Summer which can create some stress to goats.

5.Takes more time and effort for installation.

6.In Rainy seasons,Fungal skin problems can occur to Goats after lying over wet wooden floors.

3. Basic method


Construction:Done with compromise in Hygiene,Labor saving,Safety,Efficiency, etc.,

Roofing : Using  Thatched roofing ,Over Wooden supports.

Partitions: Using Bamboo sticks and Used wooden reapers.

Flooring : Reared in hardened soil,

Feed trays : Custom Made Feed trays with Cheaper used items such as Divided plastic drums and Barrels.

Approximate construction cost per Square feet = Rs 75.00


1.Very Low investment costs compared to Elevated platform methods.


1.Needs 3 times more Labor requirement compared to elevated level methods.

2.Goats needs to be stand over its dung and Urine causing Hygiene problems and may cause Disease spread if not maintained properly.

3.Needs Daily twice cleaning of flooring.

4.Causes Ticks ,Flies and Mosquito problems if not Maintained with high care.

5.Scientific management cannot be executed.

6.Foot rot problems and Skin problems in goats can occur.

7.Needs High Labor dependability.