Directions from Tindivanam and Chennai

By own vehicle

  1. Take NH45 towards Villupuram – Travel approx 18 kms
  2. Make a right turn at Perani x Road (Perani X road is a non prominent bus stop, 18 kms from Tindivanam next to Padirapuliyur High way Motel)- Travel approx 5 kms to Periyathachur
  3. Take right at Periyathachur junction and travel approx 4 kms to reach Pidaripet village.
  4. Take left at the beginning of Pidaripet village and travel approx 1 km to reach Thirunandhipuram village, Ask for directions to Vijay Goat Farms.
  5. Please park vehicle outside gate without blocking the road

By Bus

For Visitors :

  1. Take Town bus number 35 named “Nemur” from Tindivanam
  2. This bus starts from Tindivanam at 9.10 am daily and reaches Ennayiram by 10.15 am
  3. Get down in Ennayiram bus stop and walk for 1 km approx asking for Goat farm

For Trainees :

  1. Reach Tindivanam before 8.00 am, Have your breakfast and take any local private buses to Villupuram and get down in Perani X Road Bus stop
  2. From Perani X Road, hire any Auto and ask for “Ennayiram Aattu Pannai” ( will charge you around Rs 150 to Rs 200) to travel 10 kms to reach Vijay farms