About Talacherry Goats

Based on our experience we suggest that a parent stock of Thalachery does along with Boer bucks in 50:1 ratio works very well. In this Method we can optimize long term profit while keeping the initial investment reasonable.

Thalacherry goats (Also called as Talacherry, Thalacherry, Talacherri, Thalacherri, Tellicherry, Tellicherri, Tellicheri, Talacheri, Thalacheri, Malabari) have the following advantages.

  • Yields excellent cross breeds on crossing with Boer Buck
  • Have high feed conversion ratio
  • Twins and triples kidding character
  • Adaptability to stall fed conditions
  • Higher milk yield for the kids
  • Higher weight gain, etc.

Twinning/Triple kidding Percentage: 80%

Average weight gain in one year :

For Male : 28 kgs

For Female: 23 kgs

Thalachery Goats when crossed with Boer Bucks yields 50 % Boer kids.

Average weight of 50 % Boer kids in one year will be

For Male: 40 kgs or more

For Female: 30 kgs or more

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