About Boer Goats

Stall-fed method is highly intensive and there is a need for parent stock that,

  • Respond to the increased nutrition
  • Have high feed conversion ratio
  • Twins and triples kidding character
  • Adaptability to stall fed conditions
  • Higher milk yield for the kids
  • Higher weight gain, etc.

Boer goat is known for its fast weight gain, and quality meat worldwide. It is a native breed of South Africa and it’s developed and reared all over the world for Meat purpose.

In India its Reared in limited numbers and it’s mainly used to cross breed with local breeds to yield excellent Cross-breeds.

For a comparison if we see the Weight achieved by different breeds in India in 1 year Age were,

Local country breed : 15-18 kgs

Malabari : 25 to 30 Kgs

North Indian Breeds Like Sirohi,

Jamunapari (Mostly Single kidding): 25 to 35 kgs

Boer (South Africa) : 45 to 50 kgs(In Indian conditions)

Boer-Thalachery Cross breed(F1) : 35 to 40 kg

Cross Breeding: Though Boer breed is the best Fast growing breed in the world,In India Its available only in limited numbers. Female Boer goats are very rarely available for Sale. So, cross breeding is the best option For Devoloping Boer breed in India.